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Gas Thefts: Felony or Misdemeanor?


A pair of gas thieves were apprehended last Sunday morning but there are still many questions on the table.

Are these the same two individuals who have been plaguing the community for several months? Did they commit all of the other thefts? Or just some? What sort of charges will be filed against the duo?

Believe it or not, with all of these incidents, even if they were all related to these two suspects, it could turn out to be a pile of misdemeanors resulting in little if any punishment.

Any residents in Coalinga who were targeted and victimized by gas tank drilling and thefts should review the amount of their loss. Consider the value of the gas, and the damage done to the vehicle.

“These add up to a lot of damage, but each one is likely to less than $950 of damage or loss,” said Coalinga Police Commander Darren Blevins. “If an incident resulted in more than $950 of damages, those citizens should file a report with the Coalinga Police Department along with receipts for repairs to their vehicle.”

Each incident that incurred more than $950 will be considered a felony.

There may be other charges pending.


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